Dr Alioune Traoré is the Chairman of AT Consulting Group. He is a former career diplomat as Senior Director at Unesco and Executive Secretary of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize, a prestigious distinction of which he was the founder and several laureates were subsequently chosen among to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. During his duties, he has dealt with many heads of state, governments and personalities from all regions of the world. Alioune Traoré, through AT Consulting, puts her experience of international cooperation and the skills of his teams to serve multinationals and governments.

 “AT Consulting puts the main emphasis on listening. Understanding the objectives of our interlocutors is our priority. We have an absolute principle: to deserve their trust. For what comes first, when we bring a project to a successful conclusion and it becomes a reality in the eyes of all, is not to be in the light, but to know how useful we have been in its realization.” Alioune Traoré, Chairman of AT Consulting

“Our firm’s mission is to find solutions that meet your needs. To achieve this, the ability of our teams depends first and foremost on the quality of our action networks, which are both influential and effective, but also and above all on the implementation of thoughtful and concrete strategies”. Alioune Traoré, Chairman of AT Consulting.


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